Climate Controlled Storage

With regular floor cleaning to minimize dust and temperature regulated dry air to prevent mildew, our climate controlled and cold warehouses will maintain the quality of your goods for as long as you store them with us.

Top Quality Care

We have years of experience storing supplies in Syracuse NY.  Our experience in storing contracting equipment and supplies has earned the trust of major contractors such as Bette & CringMurnane Building ContractorsPAC & Associates of OswegoHueber Breuer Construction.


STF Heated Storage

At STF Heated Storage, we’re focused on providing customized storage solutions to meet your individual needs — whether that involves one hundred square feet or seven thousand. We manage  clean, dry and climate-controlled and cold warehouses to keep all your important items safe and secure. Years of experience in this business make us well equipped to address all your storage requirements.

With a variety of storage spaces and supplies to choose from, you can be assured that your valuable property will always be well cared for.

Don’t Have Your Own Warehouse?

At STF Heated Storage, your materials are not only protected from extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, and moisture; they’re also protected against theft and vandalism.

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